Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More on the same idea...

Continuing the four part poem, "Staying In Character"...

Staying In Character III

At one point the veil
flaps back in such 
a way that we see 
clear into the is
not obvious what sort 
of beasts we're
dealing with...but it is evident
they are feeding on humans
 ...or human shaped
machines...or...are we
witnessing some 
frenzy of dislocated 
shadows fall away
into some kind of
gaping annihilation 
of thought's 
evident through 
the whipping
and diffuse material
that an armless one-eyed
mouth is singing hymns 
from our childhood...the pitch
is bang-on...the tone
soaring and full...
the words are cold 
and distinct but foreign...and
there is a clamoring of 
inappropriate responses...
somewhere in there 
we can clearly observe a
subtle but extremely
quick seems
to be carrying some type
of mate on its back...
its skin is clear...
was that its heart...its blood?

Painting above the series, "Beyond the Idea, the Field, Fuck"

Let your beautiful hearts guide you.
We will make a place for "real" food.
We will keep the children out of the prison schools.
We will let our minds becoming the fluid machines of the future.
And we will make it out of art.
All my love.  

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