Sunday, 10 June 2012

And This One...

Is for those interested in submitting to the next issue of MeatRobes.  

For whomever that may be please be aware we will be accepting submissions
in any 2D media and will be publishing material we feel works well
with the theme regardless of taste, moral sensibility, sexual content, violence, gore,
gestures of tenderness, alignment with familiars or other forces, weeks spent in
prayer or fasting or other rituals.  We will accept the painfully honest as well
as the cleverly obscured.

The theme is "The Wild Imbecil"
Deadline for submissions: June 25th, 2012...

Some links:

The Fool

Lady Justice


Spiritual Party Demons

Scroll around in this one, there is some interesting material
on tricksters, Western Gender myths, so on:

There's some shit to get things rolling...I'm sure many of you have connections
to more substantial information on these topics.  Please share.

We all love learning.  It's natural.


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