Thursday, 14 June 2012

Last bit...

attachment.jpgWell...I got a lot of directions to go with this.
But that is for another time.

Much love that is for sure...a time for all
things and keep in mind the sun shines evenly
on ALL things.

Had a conversation the other day at a party where
I brought up a personal in-joke using the line, "bludgeoned
into oneness."  The man I was talking responded along the
lines of never having a spiritual experience that was like that.

I was personally astounded.
Seemed obvious to me...not that there aren't a wide
variety of available states, information and
transformations (William James, anyone?) but
I just assumed everyone knew that oneness meant
oneness...and that it was as ugly as it was beautiful
or what the fuck would it be?
In other words, sometimes it hits like an angry mother.

Your thoughts are welcome.
Enough of what I'll never understand entirely.

 The last bit of the four part poem...

Staying In Character IV

The last 
thing I 
recall is 
the memory
might be 
clear to
all if
it is


The end of the poem fit with my little ramble. 
That was an accident. 
A likable accident.

Don't let those fuckers get you down, people.

Much love.  

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