Sunday, 10 June 2012

Continuing The Theme...

...from yesterday.  Actually gonna make two
posts today.  This one first:


The Strange Dog After Its Own Tail

And continuing the theme:

Staying In Character II

So after all that we still 
hadn't really dipped into the stream.

There was noise and confusion and light,
and maybe even a liberating flash of joy,

but the whole wheel was a stable construct
and try as we might it was not going to be an 

easy thing to adjust.  Didn't matter
if you wanted it moving faster, or the other direction, or
to stop completely.  The damn thing was riderless.

And somehow that too was heart warming.  The poor 
boys dug in their heels and the gardeners offered up

what was left of the place in some new type of communion.
No one knew how to behave anymore.

The statuesque had turned timid and there were "Tap In" 
shirts for everyone.  We felt shy about everything.  

The conversations all spun on new and majestic
concepts that eluded every finger.  But for all

that there was more laughter and some truly shameless
screwing in exotic ways.  We were all broke in

any way that could be conceived and that softened the
whole interior.  The wind barely came around.

The moon increased in relevance and the machines 
took over a lot of the heavy lifting.  They flicked the 

next switch as far as program development went and
had things functioning on a nebulous and highly 

ambiguous system of non-commital relationships, 
that could fire each other off without receiving a signal

from anywhere.  This turned out to be the most accurate
representation of the human mind yet.  They found a multitude 

of ways to fold recorded data into any realtime
information flow and that made the difference imperceptible.  The wind 
barely came around and everyone I knew was slipping on

the ideas faster than you can say, "flibbertyjibbet,"  or some
other stupid shit that will function as an authoritative,

self-critical declaration of finality.  


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