Thursday, 19 May 2011

This damn thing erased itself on me once now.  I see myself developing a twitch.  This is The Relaxometer.  Control your brainwaves or they will control you. 
This here is I, Sun.  It will reappear as a character, or better, as a variety of manifestations.  The sun element is composed of rifle rounds.  The Eye element; the teacher, the hermetical, the quizzical and learned and war-like and somehow oddly playful.

Like all the elements that will rise and fall in the work represented on this site, there is an observable process of dissolution and alternate integrations, the pursuit of combinatory knowledge.  The path.  Or just something dumb and needy.

Fuckin' thing I just thought about it all erasing again, twitch.  Unfocussed. 

This work is "The Soul, VLT".  It is sideways and I can't fix it.  Blogger contains insufficient knowledge to correct problem.  I,sun is present in full form and also as Eye,Alone.  The Temple Guardian (another character that has multiple and constantly renewing manifestations) is present in two manifestations, both repeating.  The Penisflower, or Dickweed, or Wholonic Stamen Principle (another icon to learn and cross identify; sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes neutral, always poignantly self aware, the still point, but throbbing element of the creation) appears in partial form, three of its eight heads making an appearance.    
Sideways again.  The Temple Guardian appears as two manifestations in the center of the canvas, either seperating on joining.  The Guided Eyefishes Absolute from the Possible Radars collide where the guardians meet.  The I, Sun has sperated completely from Eye, Alone who manifests in two forms, strongly defined from the magical word salad chaos that generates the background.  The phallic element rears its head.

"Deeper Into That Space"
This more rustic piece of work is entitled, "Standing Cunnilingus; Truck Stop Erotica".  It is meant to call up feeings of getting emptied out somewhere that lacks beauty and yet is made sweet, beautiful by the actions it contains. 
You know, like fucking in a truck stop bathroom.

The Guided Eyefish is represented by the Guiding Principles, which travel vertically in the middle of the painting.  The Temple Guardian is present as well, guaranteeing the beauty of the moment is respected. 
The last image is a bone.  It's a dinosaur bone.  Or, at least, I hope it is.  All works are available for sale, links coming soon...

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  1. thanks Cameron, a strange pleasure. I can hear your voice in your words. But i have never fucked at a truck stop.