Saturday, 21 May 2011

Chew the fat...

 Uhm, I don't know...the thought just arrived for me.   The spilling, sickening fat.

These three images here are from a work entitled, "Beyond the idea, the field, fuck".

There is a Rumi tangent at work.  Images are composed from an image of a human brain, a Glock, and a spatial field arrived at by writing Rumi quotations over top of other Rumi quotations using spray paint.

 This one here is called, "There is only so much time left to go."

Image has been left in a number of alleys, on cheap
paper, inside the scrub drive of thought and so forth.

Will be available as Tshirt shortly.
Likewise this stunning image of the "Lesbian Sex Star".  Adapted from earlier screen prints of the cosmic clam bumpers (Mother Goddess Flesh Magic)this super-swell vertical design is likely going to grind a few hips.

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