Saturday, 7 January 2012

The massive confusion

Working on...
as well as...
So, I'm not totally asleep at the wheel.

Also interested in letting you all know about an ongoing project
for post post-modern male self-awareness that an old friend of mine has
developed and is presenting in school districts across British Columbia.

This individual has assisted and guided me through open dialogue and
heartfelt personal nourishment on more than one occasion.  This blog will
develop over the next while into a wider exposition on gendered conceptions,
fucking, beautiful fun, the war for self in the mass age, the onwards and upwards,
philosophy of gender, music, art, masturbation, actually I don't really know.
I just know that I'll be staying on it regularly from here on in and the self promotion
shit will become far less important than the SHARING and communication
of thought.

I'll jump ship with a poem:

Ass First

Dump these thoughts without even
reading them.
Stuff my leftover flesh in the 
sweet brown clay.
Buck up some rounds
and ignite all three of us.

If anyone ever asks, kids, just tell
them, "He was born
ass first, lived with his head
up his ass, and he is
ascended yet

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